Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out & Panderosa´s You´ll See

Born 11.01.2017

Pl  0/0

PRA free

Austria Champion



Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out

CH (FI, EE, SE, DK, Nord)

Ashmair Here Come´s Sunshine

Pamblona Bring Me Sunshine

Ashmair Hey There Delilah

Wyomaers Untitled

Petit Ami´s Only the Lonely

Jitterbop Code Name Pink

Panderosa´s You´ll See


Fabiano de villa Mont Chera

Zidane of Castle Montblanc

Vendee de Villa Mont Chera

Wet Kisse´s an Affair to Remember


Paray´s Paragon

Paray´s Chit Chat